nerves & balance

I really wanted to post what I've been loving lately today, but I just couldn't. It's not on my heart today. My heart has been on other things. You see, I'm not feeling so confident.

Rebranding is hard. I'm all nerves, one big bundle all jumbled and knotted and unsure and honestly, a bit scared. I'm investing a lot of time and money into relaunching my brand and designs, and sometimes I'm afraid. What if no one likes the new collection? What if it's not unique, or original enough? I love simplicity, and that's what I've always built my entire shop around. But sometimes I wonder if it's enough to stand out. There are so many great jewelry designers out there.

But then I look at the designers who inspire me the most. People like Elizabeth Suzann. And Lisa Hackwith. And they're fashion designers--let's face it, there are tons of fashion designers out there. Yet, they've still created a name and place for themselves in the world of creatives. I'm so inspired by the work they do, because I feel like it's similar to my aesthetic interest and goal. And I want to embody that in my work, just using a different medium.

The next two months will be busy. My amazing and talented friends, Sarah Siroky and Josh Weaver, are helping me with a new logo, branding materials, website, and even photography and lookbook--and I couldn't be more grateful. This is such a big leap. What if I take this chance, and the results don't pay off? On the other hand, what if they do? What if this is the step I needed to take to get to that place I've longer for?

On top of rebranding and what that entails, I'm trying to come up with the best collection I can. At times, I feel discouraged. Some pieces include gems and precious stones, some are just metal-work. But I hope it's a balanced mix of versatile, fashionable and quality jewelry. I want each piece to feel unique, but I also want each piece to be wearable for every day. It can be difficult finding that line.

It's just all so overwhelming. Miranti and I were emailing this week about it as well (she's also relaunching her shop). There's a lot of pressure that goes along with it. Especially because with a name change, folks will have to relearn who I am and what my brand is. Or maybe I should look at it differently--look at it as a clean slate, an opportunity to start fresh and let people really see what I have to offer for the first time.

So, friends, I need your help. I'm currently trying to sell everything left in my shop by the end of this month in order to pay for the costs of relaunching my brand. I even started an insta-closet to help raise enough funds. It's expensive and complex, but I am putting everything I have into this. 

Yet, the future is still uncertain. But as my dear Sylvia Plath once said, the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. Maybe I just need to be confident in the bigger picture and not worry so much about the little details right now.

Failure is a scary thing, dear friends. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers? And please spread the word about my clearance sale if you can--40% off is great for Valentine's Day!

Photo // A Gentle Woman Instagram