loving lately // wish list

Pictured . . .

1. This Everlane Dopp Kit would be perfect as a new makeup bag.

2. I have been wanting a Daniel Wellington watch for a while.

3. Imogen + Willie candles smell like heaven.

4. Everything Elizabeth Suzann is on my wish list lately.


Not Pictured.

1. Thinking about including these marble tags in my new jewelry packaging.

2. Have admired Maddy's tattoo long enough that I think it's time for one of my own.

3. This Bento box would be so convenient now that I work full-time.

4. Wishing Florida winters were just a bit colder so I could wear this beauty.

Things with rebranding are going great, and it looks like March 31st is going to be my official new release date!! Get excited, friends--I know I am. I'm in the midst of making the new collection, and it's going to include a lot of great things: simple rings, gemstone necklaces, metal-worked earrings and bracelets. I keep catching myself about to post another sneak peek on Instagram, it's so tempting! I just want to share everything right now, but I know the surprise will be better if I just.....wait..... :)

What are you loving lately? Happy Thursday, friends!