loving lately

Clockwise from top left . . .
1. A new year calls for a fabulous new calendar
2. For when spring finally shows up.
3. Something pretty to keep the chill away.
4. I'll never get enough of air-plant pods.

My oh my, when will I find the time to catch up here on the blog? I'm hoping Sunday will answer my prayers, pun fully intended. I promise I will sit down soon and read through your blogs with vigor. I hope you all rang in the new year beautifully. E and I played card games, toasted with champagne, and listened to the fireworks outside our window. On Thursday, I had two interviews (thank you again for all the kind encouragement and wishes you sent me on Instagram!) and successfully--and happily--secured both positions. I am now a social media marketing manager for Malindy Elene, and a bridal consultant and stylist for Bella Bridesmaid. It's a good mix of great things, and a godsend, truly. I am feeling so blessed right now. 

Last night a storm was brewing as we prepared for bed, and as I watched out the window, I felt overwhelmed with happiness. That wild stir of the world before a big storm is such a beautiful time, so I grabbed E's hand and we took off for a walk down to the bay to enjoy the swell. The sky was a mix of fog and midnight plum, and I danced as we went along, trailing my hands across a neighbor's Christmas lights strung on their fence and humming to myself. It was misty and chilly and windy and exhilarating. Gosh am I happy to be here. 2014 is looking swell so far.

Have a wonderful weekend, my dears.