home for the holidays

It's true what they say: there's no place like home for the holidays. 

We had a great time last week down in Marco Island, but I was so glad to get back to Pennsylvania again, at least for a little while. It's actually been an entire year since I've been up north, and the weather definitely gave me a bit of a shock. I can't believe people actually enjoy the cold--I am surely not one of them. 

It's been a relaxing past few days, catching up with family, cooking, playing piano again (finally!), and watching the flurries we've had here and there throughout the day. My aunt and uncle came to visit, and we've been enjoying a lot of good food and laughs. This year's revelation: there's nothing quite as breathtaking as a winter sunset over the mountains. That is something I will miss again in a few days. 

E and I are heading back down to Tampa on Sunday, and this time, we're driving. I know, I know. You probably all think we're crazy--but I haven't had my car down there in over a year, and I need it now that I'll be (hopefully...) working. Apparently it takes between sixteen to eighteen hours, so....Sunday will be a long day. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to it. I've been traveling so much these past two weeks that I'm nearly burnt out. Sometimes it feels like you need a vacation from your vacation, you know? 

I'm also ready to be back in the area so I can really get on this job search thing. Today I'm putting out some inquiries to a few cool businesses in the area that I'd love to work for, seeing if they're interested in hiring a copywriter or marketing/social media manager. With the rate social media grows, everyone needs one, right? I'm also excited to get back into my jewelry-making. Right now I'm trying to find some good metal-smithing classes in the area. I can't wait to share my new designs with all of you. This year will be a good one.

We also have plans to hit up Ikea when we get back--we're calling it our Christmas this year, since we didn't really have time or the right situation to exchange gifts for each other this season. Regardless, we're excited to buy a few things for the apartment. Like rugs! Oh gosh, I have never been more excited about rugs. Or the fact that E's mom bought us a nice Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas. Now I can bake to my heart's content. 

How are the holidays for you, friends? What are some traditions you enjoy? What are your plans for the new year? I'm planning to get around to a resolution list soon.....