october remembrances

October was a good month. 

Maybe because it's my favorite every year. Or maybe because I have such an awesome roommate. Or maybe because I was gifted a down feather mattress pad for my bed and my back pain has subsided. Or because I got to carve pumpkins with new friends and dress up as Lorde for Halloween. Maybe it's a combination of all these things.

There is one month left of college, and I have to admit I'm still as anxious as ever. I really try to calm my mind and remember that it will all work out. But I am a planner. It's just my nature. Nevertheless, I concluded some really great things in October. 

Freelance may actually be a blessing for me. It will mean possibilities, movement and change, new projects, developing passions and connections, opportunities to meet and interact with so many different people across the world. It will mean flexibility, time for me to develop my jewelry and devote myself to the direction of my business and my writing. If it happens, it will be hard no doubt--inconsistent, perhaps. But instead of being fearful about it, lately I've felt a sort of peace about it. Maybe the lack of response from these full-time positions in a nudge from God. A sign that I am on the right path.

I've also found that sketching in pencil is important. That may sound silly, but now that I've started sketching my jewelry designs in pencil, it's like the possibilities are endless. I erase and remark and am slowly compiling a beautiful collection of jewelry. It's hard though, too, because I know not every single design will be used. I want to make sure the collection is coherent, unified, yet unique. Speaking of which, I extended the flash sale, so be sure to take advantage of that happy little perk this week.

Yesterday, my roommate and I took a long walk downtown and it was glorious. The weather is slowly shifting here, and the air feels like the beginning of fall back home in Pennsylvania. There was a chill in the wind, and I must say, I cannot wait until Christmas season begins down here. I'm so looking forward to hot cocoa, Christmas music, homemade cookies, cozy blankets, movie nights--it's going to be wonderful. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. We still have Thanksgiving to look forward to!

Welcome, November.