insta-recap: fresh new days

E came to visit this weekend. 

We spent Saturday enjoying downtown complete with bagel sandwiches for breakfast, smoothies in the afternoon, a coffee shop stop, and a slice a pizza with my little brother who's visiting with friends for fall break. For dinner, we got tapas and sangria, with ice cream for dessert and took a stroll down by the water. FYI: E and I are big foodies, if you can't tell. I feel like all we did was eat, but it was wonderful. We needed it with all the walking we did. 

On Sunday we had a hearty breakfast and spent the rest of the morning at the beach, walking along the water's edge and enjoying each other's company. Then it was back downtown for homemade popsicles and a tearful goodbye. I feel like I haven't let myself relax for weeks, but being around E, the stress vanished.

It was a perfect weekend. As it always is really, but this time felt a little different. This will be the last time E visits me at college. It's a little sad, thinking about it, because we both love St. Augustine, but we've promised to come back again after graduation. There are only eight weeks left until then, and I think this weekend marked a turning point for me. 

I've been so anxious about finding a full-time career after graduation, but talking with E calmed me. I should be excited about the next few months. Worry will get me nowhere, and I just have to have hope and patience. But it's so nice to know I have his full support and encouragement. I'm excited to see what the future brings, with E alongside me. We spent so much of this weekend dreaming up ideas for the next year, and I know it will be a good one. An uncertain one, but full of possibilities and new beginnings and experiences. For now, I'm glad to embrace the days until then. How was your weekend?

The heavenly blue of fresh new days 
Oh, friend, you must employ them 
Before they pass away. Be brave! 
Enjoy them; oh, enjoy them! - Theodore Storm