wonderfully made: amanda from the lady okie

Hey lovelies! This week's Wonderfully Made Woman is Amanda from The Lady Okie! She is so funny and full of life, and I hope you take the time to stop by her blog!

The Lady Okie is so named because I am a lady who lives in Oklahoma. I grew up in Chicago, so the fact that I live in Oklahoma is a testament to the fact that you never know where life will take you. I write about my family. About my husband. About my friends. Mostly I like to share funny stories, but over the past few years my blog has also documented my love for running and included my weekly updates as I trained for my first full marathon. Recently, I lost my job, and so I've also been writing about my struggles with budgeting and staying positive through this time of transition.

1. My sense of humor (and the fact that I can laugh at myself):  I grew up in a house with three younger siblings, two of whom were boys. I learned quickly that the ability to laugh at yourself is something that will make everything more fun. I love that I make other people laugh (see #2) and I love that I can laugh at myself.

2. My writing ability: A lot of people who read my blog are people who know me in real life. One of my favorite things is when someone tells me they can hear me speaking as they read my blog posts. People also tell me that reading my blog makes them laugh. That makes me so happy! I love that I have the ability to put words together and create something that other people can enjoy.

3. My amazing chocolate chip cookies: Jordan (my husband) says I make the best chocolate chip cookies he's ever eaten. He's biased, of course, but I still think I make some pretty darn good cookies. I love baking and cooking, and it's so fun to bring a plate of cookies to a party and have the plate empty by the end. My father-in-law has a sweet tooth and always gets excited when I bring cookies over!

What confidence means to me: For me, being confident means being yourself. Yes, people will stare at me when I dance and sing in the car or when I say awkward things in public. But really, who cares? I never want to be the kind of person who is different depending on where they are or whom they're with. Laugh when something is funny and be passionate and opinionated about what you feel passionate and opinionated about. Being confident is owning what you're wearing, what you're saying, what you're doing and not letting anyone else make you feel stupid for being yourself. I also think it's important to add that being confident means not making OTHERS feel stupid for being themselves.

Thanks for sharing, Amanda! Be sure to check out her blog and connect with her elsewhere. Don't forget to celebrate who YOU are today!