a mojito recipe

Last weekend, our friend Sam shared an awesome recipe with us and I knew I just had to post it here for all of you. I'm not a fan of strong drinks, so this twist on the original mojito is perfect for me. 

You'll need (measurements need not be exact): 
+2 tsp of sugar
+7 large mint leaves
+1/2 cup of ice
+1 or 2 shots of vodka or gin
+juice of 1 whole large lime
+approx. 2/3 cup ginger ale

Here's what you do:
+Add the sugar and mint leaves to the bottom of the glass and muddle. 
+Fill cup halfway with ice, then add your choice of alcohol. 
+Add the juice of 1 whole large lime. 
+Fill the rest up with ginger ale. 

Isn't that so simple? It sounds so yummy, my mouth is watering. Go ahead, try it out before summer is officially behind us!