wonderfully made: megan from megan elizabeth photography

Hi friends! This week's Wonderfully Made Woman is Megan from Megan Elizabeth Photography! She is such a blessing and an inspiration in my life, and I hope you check out her amazing photography work and blog. 

Hi beautiful, I'm Megan. I reside in the Sunshine State, but am a Buckeye at heart. I'm a wife to the sweetest man, and fur mama to Duke. I recently took the biggest leap of faith in my life and quit my job to become a photographer. It's been a crazy ride so far, but one that I'm loving. God has been so good. My blog is my life and work on display for the world to see, cheesy as it sounds, it's true. My goal is that my clients will understand who I am before booking me. They'll see how goofy I am and most importantly, how in love with photos I am. All I want to do is capture memories so they're never forgotten. It would be wonderful to meet you, so please come say hi!

1. My laugh: I've always had the loudest laugh in the room, and for years wished I didn't. But I've learned to embrace this from-the-gut-giggle. Mostly, because of what I've been told, it makes other people laugh. I don't even have to go into all the great side effects of laughter, like a longer life and less wrinkles, but those are somethings to keep in mind. Laughter is an important part of who I am because life is just too short to see that glass half empty. I've recently discovered that I have HUGE "smile lines" next to my eyes when I smile. I googled it (duh) because at first I thought it was crows feet. Turns out, the lines from smiling, are good. And so instead of trying to Photoshop them out...I'm embracing those smile lines.

2. My eyelashes: I'm the girl who looks like she got punched when I try to do a "smokey eye" or put any eye shadow on. So after years of frustration and worrying that my naked eye lids were looking odd, I've learned the power of a good mascara. Some days I feel like they reach to the sky, long and (thanks to a great voluminous mascara) full. I do love giving the hubs some butterfly kisses.

3. My viewpoints: Everything from religion to politics (both topics so important to me). They in short, make me who I am. I love talking about them with people, especially those who don't agree with me. I've heard many times that Christians should stay out of politics, and that as a woman, I should just be silent. And I just couldn't disagree more. As my grandpa used to say, "if you don't believe in anything, you'll fall for everything".

What confidence means to me: Being confident to me, means that you're rocking who you are no matter what. Yes, in 2013 when we're constantly bombarded with what we're "supposed" to look like, or at twenty five where our lives are "supposed" to be, it's tough. My confidence lies in Christ. I know that I was created this way, to live this life for a reason. All the bumps in my life...and well on my body, are supposed to be there. I don't want anything to be perfect by the worlds standards because I'm perfect in my creators eyes. And so are you. Every single person reading this has the opportunity to live in the confidence we were created with, or turn to what the standards of the world are. I'm choosing the first one. Confidence is a lifestyle. We have the choice every morning to live it, or not.

Thanks for sharing, Megan! Be sure to check out her beautiful and heartfelt blog and connect with her elsewhere :) Don't forget to celebrate who YOU are today!