wonderfully made: mallory from sweet smores

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week's Wonderfully Made Woman is the adorable and adventurous Mallory from Sweet Smores! Her blog is authentic and full of inspiration.

My name is Mallory and I'm the blogger behind Sweet Smores.  I'm a recent college graduate who moved across the world.  I'm currently living in Japan, learning each day more about myself and living abroad.  Sweet Smores is a diary of mine and my boyfriend's lives, documenting our life and travel adventures.
I love those three things because each one of those encompasses a different part of me.  
My patience: it reflects an important part of my personality.  
My travels: I love that I've been able to have the opportunities to travel to many places throughout the world.  Although it doesn't match up to many travelers out there, I cherish each of these experience that I've had.  These travels have opened my eyes to the world.  
My smile: reflects my positivity.  I'm a happy person who has a positive outlook on life.  
What confidence means to me: To me, being confident is to be yourself.  Always learn and improve yourself from the experiences you have each day.  The more you learn, the more you can add to your strengths.  

Thanks for sharing, Mallory! Be sure to check out her blog and connect with her elsewhere :) And don't forget to celebrate who YOU are today!