wonderfully made: becky from seductive mania

Hi friends! This week's Wonderfully Made Woman is Becky from Seductive Mania! She is so fun and authentic, and I hope you take the time to stop by her blog!

My name is Becky Kozak. I'm a 21 year old chef and adventure extraordinaire from Canada currently living in Australia! I'm trying to learn as I go, about food and culture and myself. Seductive Mania is my little corner of the internet where I explore all of the silly, sweet, and seductive mania that goes on in my head! I post about place I go, things I do, and a whole lot about things I eat!

1. My creativity: I have so many ideas though out each and every day, I really need to start writing them down! I love channeling my creativity through food, graphic design, and photography. It's difficult not to be negative on myself when I see so many other creative people and their creations, but I always have to remind myself that I'm not creating for other people, I'm doing it for myself, and if I love it nothing else matters!

2. My spontaneity: I moved to Australia because my friend asked me to and I said yes. I'm a planner, but when it comes to making snap decisions I nearly always say yes. I love travelling, and on my 21st birthday I even jumped out of an aeroplane at 14,000 feet! I would never call myself fearless because a lot of things I do scare the pants off of me, but I love my ability to go after what I want and try new things. I love my sense of adventure and my ability to (in the words of Nike) "just do it"!

3. My obsession with food: This one seems a bit silly but I really do love food. When I go out to restaurants with my boyfriend, he'll ask me to describe things on the menu and I could spend hours giving him a detailed step by step process on how everything is made. I love that I have such an extensive knowledge on one subject, and I love that I am confident in my cooking abilities. My love of food has allowed me to travel and be more spontaneous and creative, and has shaped me as a person!

What confidence means to me: 
Being confident is something I've struggled with for a long time. To me, being confident means doing/being something that makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel most confident covered in flour rolling out a pie dough because I know it's going to turn out exactly the way I envision it. Confidence is having the power to tell yourself that you are worth it.

Thanks for sharing, Becky! Be sure to check out her awesome blog and connect with her elsewhere! Don't forget to celebrate who YOU are today!