loving lately

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Pictured . . . 
A beautiful tin of organic rosy lip balm from Marble & Milkweed.
This adorable grey knot headband from my new sponsor, Becca Bands (BB).
A fun modern clay necklace from And O Design.
The cutesy mini elephant notebook I've been eyeing forever from Humunuku

Not pictured . . . 
This post from Megan about simply loving Jesus.
I don't think my obsession with carrot cake will leaving anytime soon.
Wishing for an office that looks like the one in this home.
Fall weddings are sounding more romantic by the minute.
Small-breasted friends: you are welcome.

What are you loving lately? Happy weekend dear friends!

(Ps. Only 13 sales until I reach my goal--maybe it's time to think about getting your mom a sweet little gift?!)