it's here

It's here. The semester. The end of the summer. The time for those changes I was not looking forward to. 

This past weekend, my little brother moved in at Rollins. It's so strange thinking about him being in college now. My parents stayed in Winter Park all week, and on our way to Flagler, E and I

stopped to visit

for a day or two and catch up. We spent our time talking and roaming the pretty streets, where we enjoyed a lot of wonderful food. It was so nice seeing them after eight long months, but so bittersweet at the same time. Our goodbyes were full of tears. 

And then came the fateful last move in day for me. Even now, it doesn't feel quite right being here. The transition was easy. But already, I feel a bit stagnant. It's terrible of me but I'm at the point where I don't feel a purpose here. I'm ready to move on. To end this chapter of my life and get back to where I know I'm supposed to be. 

But I'm trying. Trying to enjoy this final semester as best as I can. Trying to stay grounded and present. It's no use in wishing the present away. It sounds so negative, this post, but I really don't mean it that way. I've never felt right at college, and being so close to the end now makes me ever so eager. I think jewelry-making blessed me in so many ways though this summer; I feel more purposeful, with something so lovely to keep me busy. 

Speaking of which....there are 5 days left in the month, and I have

10 pieces left to sell

in order to reach my goal. If you're new around here,

I'm donating $10 of every jewelry sale in August to the Mocha Club's Clean Water Project

--which gives 10 orphans in Africa clean water if you raise $300. We're more than halfway there, and I really need your support in the final push. Taking on this philanthropic goal has been so wonderful and amazing in so many ways, and reaching that full potential would be a dream come true. Stop by my

jewelry shop

and treat yourself to a beautiful gift!

I hope you all have a beautiful week, friends.