insta-recap: say hello to august

Well, August. You really did creep up on me, didn't you? 

Pictured . . . 
1. As you can see from this photo, I updated all of my earrings to French hooks in 14kt gold-filled. 
2. Shalit's book has been my constant companion now for the past few days. 
3. Sometimes, I just really love our apartment. 
4. Can you believe this is actually one of the first ice cream trips we've made all summer? Not our fault though; this area prefers frozen yogurt for some odd reason. Finding an ice cream shop is hard work.
5. A little preview of what's to come in the shop if I reach my Purpose Project goal. This little leaf charm necklace is perfect for the upcoming fall--it's called Sorrel. 
6. Reading Radical by David Platt. Not sure if I agree with all of his argument, but he makes some bold statements. Spending a lot of the time in the Word lately trying to stay accurate. 

Not pictured . . . 
We didn't cook once this weekend. It was pretty glorious. 
We are almost caught up on Breaking Bad. Anyone else anxious for the new season to start next week?
Our evening walks have recently been replaced by cuddling. Oops. 

Please, don't forget to re-Instagram (is that a word?) my #30in30jewelry photo from this post! I only have 26 days left and 19 more necklaces to sell.....

Hope your weekend was splendid, friends! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for daily updates.