Coffee date cards by In Haus Press 

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you . . . 

That I'm nervous. About graduating. About finding a job. You see, finding a job here in Tampa in publishing, editing, or design is hard. And I'm a little worried that I might find a job somewhere else. Somewhere like San Francisco, or Nashville, or Seattle. Because I don't want to just work in a cubicle, that's the thing. I want purpose, inspiration.

I'd tell you that I'm nervous about finding friends after graduation. Where? How? That's unexplored, unfamiliar territory out there. But I'm most certainly buying these coffee date cards for future use, just in case. You'd be my friend if I sent you one, wouldn't you? I mean, how can you pass that up?

I'd tell you that I'm a bit sad. More than a bit. Summer is such a magical time, and I don't want it to end. Especially this one. There is so much E and I have left to learn, but as he put it last night, we'll never get it perfect, no matter how long summer is. The important thing is that we try and love and laugh and live. 

The rest of this week will be full of packing up. Applying to jobs. Preparing myself for what's ahead. Independence is not a word that rolls off my tongue so easily. There is so much uncertainty ahead. 

But where uncertainty lies, so does possibility.