a month of giving

Friends, this has been an amazing experience. Tomorrow marks the last day of August, and with it comes the end of my Purpose Project for the Mocha Club. Currently, I have made 25 sales, which means I will be donating at least $250 to the Mocha Club's Clean Water Project, a project that builds wells for children in Africa.

Yeah, it's not 30--but it's close! I am so deeply grateful for all of you who tweeted, IG'd, Facebooked, blogged--and most especially, bought something--for my #30in30jewelry project. $250 will mean roughly 8 orphans gain access to water. And that's a huge deal. 

Tomorrow night, I will be sending in the donations. Which means, there is still time! (32 hours to be precise) If you've wanted to contribute to my project, go for it. Don't hesitate for another second. Please, take the time today, before it's too late.

Because I promise you--this is a purchase you won't ever forget. I think that's what so amazing about this. We all are a part of it. We're in it together. The gift you receive--the necklace, or bracelet, or pair of pretty earrings--symbolizes something. Not just for you, or for me even. But for a child you don't even know. A life that is going to be changed. A need that is going to be filled, and a hope that things will be okay. Because of you and me.

So as we approach this last day of August, I just want to say thank you. 

Thank you for giving. For giving your hearts, your time, for sacrificing a bit of money towards this cause, for sending prayers and encouragement. I've been challenged and pushed and enlightened so much by this experience. I've spent the month learning how to ask. That it's okay to ask. I've learned how to be more selfless. That giving opens you up to so much. That it's possible for an average person like me to make a change for the world, no matter how big or small the impact may be. I've learned that there are so many out there who deeply care and want to make a difference. 

So thank you.