lavender deodorant DIY: from growing wild ginger

I'm so excited, lovelies! After discovering the harmful effects of regular beauty care products, I went on the ultimate search for natural, affordable products for my skin. It doesn't get more affordable than DIY--so today, my dear friend Emily from the blog Growing Wild Ginger is here to share one of her favorite natural beauty DIY's with you all! 
Hello there, Milk & Crown readers! My name is Emily from Growing Wild Ginger, and I am very excited Kristyn has invited me to pop in on her blog today! Kristyn and I discovered we have a shared interest in using all natural beauty products, so she asked me to share a little DIY with you for one of the products I make regularly. So, without further ado, let's talk about armpits, shall we?

When I first decided to start switching to natural beauty products, about a year ago, deodorant was the one thing I was most hesitant to abandon. I'm an active person, who sweats a lot (TMI?), and I just wasn't convinced a natural product would work better than my extra-strength Secret. But I had to face the facts: the area under your arms is incredibly absorbent, and slathering on aluminum and other chemicals daily could not be good for my health. Sure it would stop the sweat, but I had to remember sweating is natural, and you're supposed to do it! I know it's not the prettiest thing, but it's your body's way of cooling down and releasing toxins. I don't think I have to tell you how counter intuitive it is to stop the process by putting in more toxins.

So, do I have you all on board for making your own, yet? Good, let's get down to business!
Through many trials, errors, and mashing together of several different DIY's, I've come up with this recipe for a light, effective deodorant you can wear year-round.

You'll need:
1/3 c Arrowroot Powder (can be found at any health food store or even some grocery stores, near the four)
1/3 c Baking Soda
5 tbsp Coconut Oil
10 drops Tea Tree Oil
10 drops Lavender Oil (or another scent you prefer) 
A small, shallow container for storage (I use a 4oz mason jar)

The arrow root powder and baking soda give it a paste-like consistency, act as natural deodorizers, and can help keep things dry. The coconut oil makes this like a spa treatment for your underarms (seriously, mine are so soft). Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial that helps kill the bacteria that causes odor, and lavender help repair the skin and leave you smelling lovely!
The process of actually making the deodorant is simple. First mix the dry ingredients thoroughly, then add the coconut and essential oils. Depending on the temperature, the coconut oil may be more liquid or solid. You can either melt the coconut oil to make mixing easier, or cut it into the dry ingredients like butter to make a paste. 
As you can see, my kitchen was pretty warm, so my final product is quite liquid. To rectify this, I just popped it in the fridge for a half hour to let it set. If you live in a hot climate, it would advisable to store your deodorant in the fridge or another cool spot to keep the consistency solid. Don't worry about it getting too firm, it becomes spreadable as soon as it warms up on your skin.

And there you have it! A simple, homemade, all-natural deodorant! While there are no ingredients in here that act as an anti-antiperspirant per se, I noticed that within two weeks of switching, my body evened out and I naturally began sweating less. Plus, my underarms are smoother and more nourished, I no longer get irritation from shaving, my white t-shirts don't get those gross yellow stains (caused by the alcohol in anti-antiperspirants), and I smell lovely, in my humble opinion of course!

I hope you give it a try! And if you like this DIY, I have a new series on my blog, where I'll be featuring more natural products you can make yourself! Thanks for reading!