ad swaps!

Would you like to sponsor Milk + Crown? 

I am reopening the ad swaps for my blog on Passionfruit! I miss swapping with friends. I'm still offering paid ad space, which does come with fun extra bonuses to help your blog or business gain attention, but I wanted to offer ad swaps again for those who are just looking to make friendly connection. 

You can find the swaps under my Sponsor page--The Littles are 200x50, run for 30 days on a shuffle, and include Twitter-shoutouts. The promo code is: 'milkfriend'. I still reserve the right to approve each ad before it goes live, just to make sure our blogs are similar and that I feel invested in your blog as well.

Can't wait to start swapping with you!

Oh, ps. I have business cards now :) Aren't they sweet?