wonderfully made // featuring the 25th hour.

Hi friends! Today I'd like to introduce you to this week's Wonderfully Made Woman, Melissa from The 25th Hour! She is super cute and her blog is awesome!

Hey Poppy readers! I am Melissa, the face behind The 25th Hour, a photography/design lifestyle blog dedicated to finding that "extra hour" in the day to find inspiration, love, adventure and to capture those raw and organic moments. I am constantly learning, growing, traveling and striving to be the best version of myself everyday. Currently I am the Digital Media Specialist at a summer camp hidden in the mountains, but after that, who knows! Isn't that a beautiful thing? I graduated with a degree in Public Relations (and a minor in Sociology I might add) from Appalachian State, but I have picked up a passion for photography and graphic design along the way. I love challenges, red velvet cupcakes, my Chacos, playlists and a good road trip, but most of all I love meeting and working with inspiring people. Let's share stories!

1. My Creativity
Everyone has a creative side, I just make sure mine comes out at every possible moment. I love creating and aspire to inspire others through my creativity. I am constantly coloring outside the lines, thinking outside the box, jotting down new ideas and trying new hobbies in order to keep my creative adrenaline alive. Lots of my friends and family (and strangers, too!) come to me for anything photography or graphic design wise or just for some extra flair! With my summer position, I am even delving into video! In my personal and professional life, I have been blessed to be in a creative field where I get to express myself and my ideas constantly. I do not consider myself an artist, but as a creative soul bursting with colors you didn't even know existed.

2. My Ability to Adapt
No matter where I am or who I am around, I definitely strive to work around difficult circumstances and adapt to any situation. I do not mind getting out of my comfort zone and changing up my lifestyle in order to experience new opportunities. Although I like certain things like working with a schedule or the comfort of my own home, I am more than happy to give up certain comforts to delve into another experience. For example, this summer I am literally living on a mountain working 15 hours a day taking photos and videos for a summer camp. This is a completely different lifestyle than anything I have ever had to experience, but I am more than willing to adapt and try it out! I am definitely a flexible person to work with and make the best out of any situation.

3. My Travels
Traveling is the most vital opportunity to learn something new about yourself and others, get out of your comfort zone, experience new things and meet some inspiring people. No matter how big or small the travel, I love it all. Whether it is traveling to foreign countries like Spain, Thailand, Costa Rica, Philippines and Canada (which I have been to), exploring your backyard or traveling just a few hours outside of your hometown, it is an experience unlike any other. I have been blessed with opportunities to travel around the world and continue to work hard in order to see my uncharted territories. I love my sense of adventure when it comes to traveling and it is rare for me to say no to anything travel related. I love that I am able to experience other cultures and keep my mind open wherever I am.

Random Question: If you could create a new color, what would you call it?
The color I love is all over my blog and portfolio website... a mix between my two favorite colors, green and yellow! The name I made up is teaora... a mix of my favorite hot drink, tea and the name Leora which means my light.

Thanks, Melissa! Be sure to check out her amazing and inspiring blog!