what God is teaching me.

so i am finally getting around to posting for Sage's link up: What God is Teaching Me. i think this is SUCH a great link up, and if you haven't participated yet, you still have time! 

Sage asks, what is God teaching you in the following situations? failure, pain, waiting, not having enough money, facing disappointment, and facing criticism?

i'm going to throw it out there: i am a huge perfectionist freak. but God definitely shows me that failure is not always a bad thing. often times, some of the best lessons learned are the ones from failure, not success. that opportunity to be vulnerable, humbled and thankful to God is a blessing in disguise. it opens you up for more growth and trust in Him. 

like all of us, i have struggled with moments of pain, but God has seen me through them. emotional, mental, physical--all of it. pain is unavoidable in this life, and learning to accept that is so so difficult. again, i think it's about trusting, no matter the outcome. 

story of my life, right? E and i have been doing long-distance for a year, and this summer we finally get a break from that (then another 3 months before we're done entirely). what a waiting game that is. but, God has turned it into one of the biggest blessings of my life. i have developed my patience and have seen my love grow stronger because of it. in regards to other areas of life, waiting is all about learning to accept God's time and stop living on our time. what a big wake-up call!

Not having enough money. 
ahh, the never-ending battle of finances. i'll be the first to admit it--i am a mega clothes shopper. but God has truly been teaching me to stop craving more worldly things. not having enough money can be stressful. i think it teaches you to value what you have more--and value what is more important, by focusing on experiences and quality time rather than the superficial things. despite the stressful financial times of this summer, God is teaching me to be thankful and trust that He will always provide for us.

Facing disappointment. 
God is teaching me to let go of expectations. nothing in this world is guaranteed, nothing is perfect, and neither am i. disappointment is inevitable. but God wants me to approach these situations with a humble attitude and come to Him with an open heart. i'm learning to put things in perspective more. 

Facing criticism. 
i'm bad at this. my self-esteem plummets from criticism. i think it stems from my Type A personality. if i don't do it right, i give up. if it doesn't come easily to me, i have a tendency to give up. but God is showing me that criticism is just another opportunity to grow, learn and improve--it's not a dead end, it's all about finding a better solution, gaining wisdom, and leaning on God, who loves us despite all of our shortcomings. 

what about you? what is God teaching you in these situations? thanks, Sage, for hosting this incredible link-up! hop on by her blog to join in :)