my jewelry shop: milk + crown!

it's official, friends! 
my jewelry shop, Milk + Crown is finally open!
visit it here!
i'm so excited to share everything with you. the first question you probably have is, why the name Milk + Crown? a few months ago, i discovered an awesome blog by a gal named kim called, "I Wear Milkcrowns." immediately, my romantic self was infatuated. i spent all day researching what a milkcrown really was--to me, it sounded so fairytale, yet so simple. a milkcrown is basically the shape milk takes when it splashes. 

from that little word, my mind created an image of a necklace: a gold chain with small white beads dangling like the points of the crown. thus, the Caron necklace was born--the jewelry embodiment of a milkcrown. 

i tested a ton of name combinations for the shop before deciding that Milk + Crown just sounded right. the signature necklace sealed the deal; after all, that one design inspired the entire idea of a jewelry collection! 

at the moment, i only have 3 necklaces listed on the shop. i just couldn't wait anymore! the excitement was too grand. as the week continues, i'll be adding pieces to the collection--for a total of 12 (for now, at least). i will only have one of each necklace created at a time, so each piece is made to order. at the moment, i'm waiting for my final supplies so i can complete the collection :) 

so there you have it, dears! i hope you enjoy my new jewelry shop as much as i do. i have really tried to put my heart and soul into this.  in just over a month, jewelry-making has become such an outlet for creativity for me, and i feel strongly that this is a passion i want to cultivate for years to come. each piece has a name that i believe embodies its personality and style, because i want my collection to feel unique and memorable. as a writer, names have such deep meaning, and i enjoy spending time exploring them for the pieces in my shop! 

be sure to stop by my Etsy shop, and order one if you feel so inclined :)
and if any of you are interested in featuring my jewelry on your own blog, feel free to do so! i've also made ads for the shop, if you'd like to put one on your blog. or, i'd love to guest blog--i'm working on a small giveaway and promotions for the future :)
thanks so very much for your support!