learning to use my camera.

i have a confession to make. 
that little Canon Power Shot digital camera i have? the really crappy point-and-shoot thing i got two years ago? 

yeah, i never taught myself how to use it. 
maybe that makes sense to you--i mean, it's a point-and-shoot. how hard can it be, right? so that's literally what i've done with it. turn it on. point. and. shoot. 

but then i discovered that, oh hey, it still has adjustable camera settings! maybe that's why my pictures always look too dark or are focused in the wrong spot, huh? could have fooled me, little camera! 
oh wow, is that what ISO means? 

this weekend, i spent some time getting to know my camera. in a perfect world, i would own an expensive and overpriced Canon Rebel XS so i could frolic around downtown and feel like a pro instead of a cheesy tourist. 
but, alas, my budget barely allows for that new bralette i need for this humid summer. thus, the quality of my photos will continue to suffer, until my paycheck magically presents me with extra spending room. 

upon reading up on the photo lingo and adjusting my settings, i came to the conclusion that maybe my camera isn't so bad. 
i mean, these pictures are actually semi-decent, right? maybe i just needed to brush up on my photography skills a bit.

the purpose of this little teaching lesson was mostly because i was feeling downtrodden about photographing my jewelry for the new shop. obviously when selling online, the photo means everything. but i'm hoping with some practice, i can get those shots that will have you all saying, "i love that necklace!" and happily pressing the add to cart button.

i can dream, right? :)

happy tuesday, dears.