E's birthday weekend.

Sunday was E's 23rd birthday! we had such an enjoyable and relaxing weekend, it couldn't have been more perfect. on friday we went swimming and shared a few beers with friends. saturday night, we splurged on gourmet desserts at the Harry Waugh Dessert Room in Bern's Steakhouse (i got chocolate cheese pie mousse and it was amazing!), and yesterday, we had a lovely time at church, after which we grabbed yummy subs from Jersey Mike's and spent the afternoon at a local park. 

these photos are from the park. we happened upon this awesome spring--where the water was yellow and smelled ridiculously like sulfur--with tangles of ivy and twisted roots growing over everything. despite the pungent stink of sulfur, it was quite beautiful. 

so, i used my rinky dinky power shot to take these photos.....but they look absolutely horrid because i switched the size of the photos on my camera before taking them. which resulted in a blurry, pixelated mess. but hey, i'm learning! next time, i'll just use the standard photo size like always. i'm just glad to have these memories :) 

jewelry shop update: i ordered boxes for packaging last week! i'm still waiting on a few more stones and an order of chain, but the shop should be open next week :) i'm so excited, but sooo overwhelmed at the same time. E has been teaching me the ins and outs of Excel (who knew those little pesky boxes could create formulas and do math for you?!) so i can track all of my finances and expenses, but it's a bit overwhelming. i'm in the process of figuring out sales tax and state laws, too. there's a lot of work involved behind-the-scenes, but i know it will all be worth it :) 

how was your weekend, dears?