bralettes for summer.

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remember when i decided to stop wearing bras all the time? 
i've spent the past few weeks exploring simple bralettes. bralettes seem like a great alternative to me because they don't have underwire or padding (for the most part), and many come in soft cottons and laces--perfect for this girly feminist! 

at home, i'm always braless, but at work, i tend to still wear bras, just because i feel a bit unprofessional and exposed in such a setting. when i'm not at work and out of the house, i try to go for built ins, or i wear shirts with textures that "hide" my nipples. bralettes seem like the happy medium for work, though. i'm definitely considering purchasing the first one sometime soon :) 

what do you think about bralettes?

also, you may see some changes around these parts in the next few weeks. as i continue to brand my jewelry shop, i feel like i need to stay consistent everywhere. which means, possible blog name change, url change, and new layout! stay tuned :)
ps. i still have sponsor spots left for this upcoming month! feel free to purchase one if you'd like :)