writing love notes.

one of me and E's favorite things to do is write each other love notes. 
over the years, we've accumulated quite a number of these little notes
and decided to start a journal for them instead now that we live together. 

have you ever heard of the blog, Today's Letters? it's one of my favorites. Emily and Tim have this great list of 10 Things that have made all the difference in their marriage, and although we're not married, E and i really try to improve our relationship now in order to build a foundation we can grow from later on. 

one of my favorite things Emily and Tim talk about is their Traveling Journal. so E and i decided to join in! we bought a leather-bound, unlined journal last december and started writing in it last week. it was so much fun reading E's first letter to me. here's a little excerpt:

"I'm so glad you're finally home. When I'm with you, time still melts away. I still have no idea how that happens, and I don't think I ever will. Thank you for everything so far. This summer will be amazing beyond words." 

he's a sweetie! i'm so glad we're doing this because i think communication in relationships is so important. just doing little things like this together is really healthy and helpful--not to mention romantic :) 

what fun special things do you share with your significant other? do you have a weekly ritual or date-night tradition? how you do feel closer to your loved one?

happy thursday friends!