wonderfully made // featuring riutta images

Good morning dears! Today I'd like to introduce you to this week's Wonderfully Made Woman, Bryana from Riutta Images. She's the mastermind behind a natural-light based photography business and a total sweetheart! 

Hey there! My name is Bryana Riutta and I am a young, natural light photographer from the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My favorite colors are coral and mint blue. If I had to choose three words to describe my photography they would be simple, real and filmy! I love capturing life. The real things, regardless if it's you waking up in the morning or on your wedding day, everything intrigues me! My blog is a source to display my photography and also to share my adventures, thoughts on life and faith, and just to show things I love! I love blogging because it's a way I can hold memories with more than just a photo, I can writer about my experiences too. 

1. My decision-making: Throughout my life I have always had a good head on my shoulders, so to speak. I feel I have always made the best decisions for myself. I don't regret anything in life, which is how I think everyone should feel. I'm very proud of who I am. 

2. My passion: I have found my passion quite young compared to others I know. Photography is not only m y career choice but it's my way of life. It's relieving knowing what I will be doing for the rest of my life. Photography is a way of capturing a memory and it brings me pure joy to know that I will be the one to capture special moments for others.

3. My teeth: I know it sounds strange to like your teeth, but it is something that I have always been proud of. My teeth are perfectly straight without ever having had braces. My dentist has even complimented me on them! 

Random Question: What's your favorite childhood memory?
When I was 5, my family made a trip to the Mall of America. I can still to this day remember it perfectly. The amusement park part of the mall was "Camp Snoopy" and I was allowed to go into the Snoopy bounce house! I enjoyed it so much that when my mom tried to get me to come out, I refused. It took one of the workers from the park to come in and get me and me pushing down a little boy to get me out. I'm not sure why this is my favorite memory since it's sad that I wasn't allowed to keep bouncing, but it's kind of funny!

Thanks so much, Bryana! Be sure to check out her blog, friends :)