wonderfully made // featuring one of five.

Good morning friends! Today I'd like to introduce you to this week's Wonderfully Made Woman, Lauren from One of Five! She is so down-to-earth and her blog is full of inspiration!

Hello there! I'm Lauren, the girl behind One of Five. When Kristyn asked if I wanted to be a part of this little segment, I was of course thrilled, but nervous. It's not very often that we're asked to share what we love about ourselves, so I commend her for setting a wonderful example for the blogging world! As for me, I've just finished my sophomore year at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. As a new lover of language, literature & everything that it entails, I'm currently studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing during the school year. Although I think about my goals and aspirations for the future everyday, I like to use my little corner of the internet to document the now, too. On One of Five you can expect to find my rambles, inspiration, snapshots & tips to get through this crazy life of ours. I welcome you to follow along as I prepare to spend my summer as a bible study leader in North Carolina & then jump on a plane to Bath, England in the Fall! 

1. My style: As bloggers, I feel like it can be freakishly easy to get caught up in the materialistic side of our lives. Don't get me wrong- I ooh and aah over fashion blogs & magazines just as any other, but I have to catch myself wanting, or needing, the best of the best. Ya know, like that bag that everyone has. Or that color that is just so *in* right now. However, I take pride in the balance I have created with my wardrobe. While there are plenty of days when I feel confident in breaking out the fedora, bauble necklace or five-inch wedges, I'm also completely content with being a jeans and a tee kinda gal.

2. My hair: Growing up I was never of fan of my hair, but I've actually learned to really love it. I'm naturally blonde, but recently decided to go brunette around last Christmas. I love that its so transformable. I can wear it straight, curly, up, down, long, short, whatever I'm in the mood for. Haha it fits really nicely with my indecisiveness, so I can always change it at the drop of a hat. ;)

3. My open-mindedness: I feel that I'm open towards any and all beliefs or people and I love that about myself. While I have my own set of morals and guidelines to live by, I whole-heartedly believe that everyone carries their own set of baggage. What may work for me may not work for that person over there, so who am I to judge? An open-minded take on life has allowed me to accept my situations and love others for who they truly are and want to be.

Random Question: What is your favorite book and why?
Oooh, this is a toughy. As an English Major, my favorite book is constantly changing. Right now however, I'd have to say that I'm absolutely loving Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. An oldie but a goodie, for sure. The main character was such a rebel for her time and I just love it. Also, Bronte's language is simply beautiful. She has a way of portraying scenes and emotions in the most perfectly perfect way. If you haven't read it, then honey you're missing out. 

Thanks so much, Lauren! Be sure to follow her awesome blog :)