wonderfully made // featuring live and move

Hi friends! Today I'd like to introduce you to this week's Wonderfully Made Woman, Taylor from Live and Move! She is so kind and her blog is full of thought-provoking posts and substance! 
Don't know what my Wonderfully Made series is all about? Check it out here! Created to celebrate women and help us all love who we are instead of focus on our flaws!

Hi there! My name is Taylor and I'm the voice behind Live and Move. I'm a college student at Vanderbilt studying Human and Organizational Development and Spanish. I have a vague idea of what I'd like to do after I graduate, something that involves a lot of planning but also allows me to use my creativity. As a student, I haven't felt like I had much space to be creative. I started Live and Move as an impetus for creativity on any given day, you'll see my photography, style posts, interviews from inspirational people, and other random goodness. In the short time that I've been blogging (just over a month!), I have had the opportunity to forge great relationship with people around the globe. Blogging is such a wonderful adventure!

1. My skin: I inherited really clear skin. I rarely wear foundation and mom, who I look exactly like, has practically no wrinkles. I have a great skin future ahead of me.

2. My hair: I went natural a year ago and I am absolutely in love with my hair. It's curly and springy and healthy. I play with it all the time. I'm currently just growing it as big as I can. It's an adventure seeing how it grows and changes.

3. My momishness: I'm often the mom in my groups of friends. I love listening, giving kind words, and advice to my sweet friend. I've also been known to give people back rubs or play with their hair for no apparent reason. 

Random Question: If you could live abroad, which country would you choose?
I think I would live on an island somewhere where they speak Spanish. Warmth and Spanish are my only qualifications. :)

Thanks so much, Taylor! Be sure to check out her amazing blog :)