weekend recap.

there's just something beautiful about an unmade bed, isn't there?
reminds me of lazy mornings and early rays of sunshine.

this weekend was busy with work, but E and i still managed to spend
some time relaxing and enjoying each other's company. we got our weekly 
chipotle, ate lots of fresh fruit and made yummy treats, like puppy chow. 
the last photo is a gifted chocolate chip cookie jar recipe. i'll show you
how to make your own on the blog on thursday :)

i miraculously finished my short story draft for class. it's not its best yet, but i think with 
some more work and feedback, it will develop into something great. 

i ordered my jewelry supplies last week too! i'm so excited to get started
on a little collection of minimalist pieces--and reveal the name of my shop!
i'm hoping they arrive soon so i can get to work and be able to open within 
the next few weeks.

how was your weekend, friends?