i joined passionfruit!

well, i did it.

i took the plunge after long consideration

and got Passionfruit.

you could be thinking a number of things. 

why are you taking away free swaps? what happened to your awesome personal blogger mentality? they brainwashed you!

no, no. let me quell your doubts. 

i've seen a lot of fellow bloggers move to Passionfruit ads and i was skeptical. i wasn't sure what i felt about paid sponsorship and if it was right for me, so i held off. 

but it's been on my mind lately, for a few reasons. 

i am beginning to take my blog more seriously and, because of the time-investment, would like to see a small return on my efforts. 

in addition, i am still working a part-time job and quite honestly, am in need of some marginal funds if possible. 

here's the thing: while i'm up for paid reviews and giveaways, i do want to remain transparent and honest in my financial endeavors on here. i've had many companies contact me about writing a paid post for them when i haven't ever used or sampled their products--and they aren't asking me to. they don't want a real review, they simply want me to promote a company that i know nothing about. 

i don't know about you, but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. 

it's dishonest. 

so that's why i've turned to paid sponsor ads instead. i want to support the community i'm a part of by allowing others to advertise on my blog, but i can't afford to offer free swaps anymore. if i'm going to continue to commit my time to this blog, this is the best decision for me at this time.

here's how it works: you buy an ad space, it runs for 30 days, and you get lots of great traffic to your blog or business! in return, i get a small compensation. i've set the prices to what i believe is reasonable for the amount of followers i have and traffic i get to my blog. seems simple, right? 

you can click my

sponsor page

to see more details and purchase a spot! please note: i do approve ads before they go live and, in order to be authentic, will only accept ads that i believe relate well to my blog and those i wish to invest my time into staying up-to-date with. if i'm going to support the community, i'm going to do it whole-heartedly!

i hope this won't turn you guys away. i really try to be honest with you and really enjoy getting to know all of you. please--email me if you have any questions. 

*sidenote: i did keep the 3 newest sponsors on my side bar because they haven't sponsored a full month.*

ps. i LOVE supporting Etsy shops ;)

happy tuesday, friends!