no one tells you how hard it is to make friends in a new city. 
not that i thought it was going to be easy....
but man. it's pretty tough. 

i haven't met anyone yet, and granted, i've only been here a week
but it gets frustrating quickly. 
i'm so thankful to be here and i know i should be focusing on that
so don't get me wrong--i'm not as "debbie downer" as this post may seem!

but i'd just like to in the world do you make friends outside of college?
how does it happen? 
at work, i try to get to know my co-workers, but they don't reciprocate. 
i get short replies and no one asks me anything about myself in return. 
is this normal? 
i'm always friendly and happy and interested,
maybe they'll open up in a few weeks....
i work at a paint-your-own-pottery store, and a girl around my age came in yesterday by herself. 
maybe i should have said something like, "hey, i'm new to the area and i don't know anyone, you seem really nice and i though maybe we could get coffee?"
but um. 
that is so awkward. 
i can't just invite myself to be friends with customers, can i? 

i'm not the type of person who needs to be surrounded by a large group all the time. but it wouldn't hurt to have just a few, real-life girlfriends who i can trust and confide in, relate to. my heart has always longed for soul sisters like that. i notice other bloggers hanging out with their friends, and i think, do they know how lucky they are? how easy they have it? i'd give anything to have that.

the challenge just makes me feel tired. the days i have off work, i've just been hanging out in our new home, enjoying the alone time and doing work for my online writing class. 
but i need friends.
real, tangible, true friends. 

i wish E and i had couple-friends to go out with occasionally. i wish i had gals to call up for lunch at a cafe downtown sometimes. i wish we could have little dinner parties and wine gatherings. bible studies and small groups. 

i worry much too often about not finding this, i know i do. i really need to just trust God and His direction. maybe eventually, He will place people in my (and our) life, bonds that will blossom, friendships that will grow. 

i just want to tell you that i'm thankful for each and every one of you. i think you all are half the reason i've continued to blog--i've made (and continue to make) great friends in the blogger community: shout out to becky, yelle, rachel, julie, and katie! (and many others, of course!) i hope these connections continue to blossom. maybe someday i'll be lucky enough to meet some of you. 

thank you for your positive attitudes, kind words, joyful spirits. 
it means the world :)
happy tuesday!