etsy lovin'.

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i should really stop doing these etsy lovin' posts. they make me want to buy too much. 
style is strange, isn't it? i love this eco chevron clutch and canvas tote
but once winter rolls around again, they won't really go with my wool coats. 
(this is how i justify not purchasing expensive things--just go with it.)

i would love to put the beehive lighting in our apartment! it's so rustic cute. 
E and i are hoping to get a few potted succulents for our coffee table soon
and i love these chalkboard ones. they're fun and simple. 

i've been pinning and favoriting jewelry ideas like crazy. trying to get
inspiration for my own little line that i hope to start this summer. 
i'm not a gaudy jewelry person. i love simple, delicate pieces. 
like this tiered coin necklace. would you guys buy my jewelry?

and i'm always obsessed with stationery. stationery i definitely don't need. 
although this piece fits us well....we actually did just move. 
so maybe i can justify that one. 
although i have no clue who i'd send this piece of mail to.
so on second thought.

i'm surprised it's thursday already, friends. somehow the days crept past me
and now it's thursday and my short story is due sunday and of course
i'm not even half way through. 
cross your fingers for me that i am enlightened today?

what are you admiring this week?