etsy art.

it's a rainy monday here in florida
but i'm feeling so inspired by these cute, fun and colorful art prints
i found on Etsy yesterday. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
can you believe that a day ago i had over 30 pages of favorites saved on Etsy?
i think it's safe to say i have an obsession. 
but yesterday, i cleared it out and now i only have 9 pages. 
much more manageable, wouldn't you say?
these are all original little art prints that i thought would be great
for a collage art wall or something fun and sweet over the kitchen sink. 

the little fruit fly is my absolute favorite :) 

maybe someday, he'll be cheerfully displayed in my own little kitchen.

we're finally settling in around here, and it feels good.

yesterday, we found a church only a few blocks from our home, and everyone was so wonderful and nice. next week, we're going to start going to the bible study after church and the thought just warms my heart. 
we spent our weekend a bit on the mellow side,
stopping at a local farmer's market for fresh produce--they had a huge display of garden flowers and it felt like home. 
i was content to read my favorite cookbook, super natural everyday, as the afternoon dwindled on. with all this free time on my hands, i'd really like to improve my cooking abilities this summer. i'm starting with simple recipes and working my way up, familiarizing myself with language and measurements in the meantime.

how was your weekend?

here's to hoping the sun comes out!
happy monday friends :)