a calm & happy life.

i saw this quote awhile back on the blog, it's the little things, and i've been enamored with it since. 
i think we all feel a desire to be and do something great in life, something big; our lives are always on super speed. when someone asks us how we're doing, our first response is, "good, busy!" as though being busy is something to strive for. we hate being bored. we don't know how to be bored, really. when life is calm, we don't know what to do with ourselves. where's the excitement, the entertainment?

it's silly though, because we don't all have to live like this. some people actually do thrive under pressure, doing big things and being involved in a lot of activities. some of us--like myself--not so much. there was a time when the thrill of excitement drove my life. calm became boring. without parties and socializing and new things, i felt bored. i relied on these things to provide me with happiness when i shouldn't have. 

sometimes, it's great. but for me, i'm okay with a calmer life. 
being super busy stresses me out,  a lot. i'm a contemplative sort of person, someone who spends a lot of time in my own head where i like to think and dream. i like my alone time. i like peaceful mornings without the noise of television, and nights in with E where we cook dinner and share stories of the day. 
i'm not denying that sometimes, it's nice being busy. some days, i enjoy when i have a lot to do and i'm able to accomplish more than i thought. some nights, E and i like going out downtown and enjoying the buzz of crowds. 

it's just about finding that right balance for you. there is no one right way to live this life, which i feel like i learn over and over again each day. i get stressed about expectations and i need the reminder sometimes: hey Kristyn, life says to me, it's okay to be happy with a calm life. 

and it is, i'm finding. there are little things and goals and moments, that keep me engaged but not stressed. eager but not overwhelmed. busy but content. 

calm and happy. simple.
i find i get the most pleasure out of life that way.

what about you? do you like being busy?