wonderfully made // featuring two in love.

Happy Friday, Poppy readers!
Today I'm starting my new sponsor/blogger series called, Wonderfully Made (WM). I believe that as women, we are often too quick to find fault in ourselves--sometimes we feel inadequate and unworthy when we shouldn't. I want us to start celebrating who we are as women! Wonderfully Made is based off of Psalm 139:14 because I think we should love who we are--beautiful, unique and captivating women :)

How it works: every week, I'll have a guest blogger declare 3 things they love about themselves. You'll also get a glimpse of who they are, their blog, and their answer to one random fun question. 

This week, Becky from Two In Love kindly agreed to be my first Wonderfully Made Woman! I'm so excited for you to meet her :)

Hello, my name is Becky! I'm outgoing, an avid thrifter, a full-time student, lover of all things fashion and I have a slight obsession with pillows! I love spending time with my boyfriend Caleb, family and friends. 
My blog Two In Love is a way to document my adventures and the love I share with my boyfriend. I have also always had a love for fashion, and wanted a way to share my style with the blogging world! Starting my blog has inspired me to have a new love for photography. I learn so many new things every day through the blogging community and am excited to see my blog grow throughout the years!

What is the most adventurous, daring thing you've ever done?
Honestly, I am the type of person who has a plan before I do something. I am trying to be more adventurous! One of these days I will just go on a spontaneous road trip with Caleb!! :)

Thanks, Becky! Be sure to check out her adorable blog, she is one sweet girl!
Ps. Becky is hosting a giveaway for Forever 21 today, so make sure you enter to win a giftcard!