wonderfully made // featuring an anchor for the soul

Hi friends! For those of you who don't know, Wonderfully Made is a blog series I started in order for women to celebrate and love who they are and each other! Today I'd love to introduce you to this week's Wonderfully Made Woman, Julie Kobe from the blog An Anchor for the Soul. She is one of the sweetest, most genuine bloggers I have ever met and I'm excited for you to know her! 

Hi there, my name is Julie! I started my blog, An Anchor for the Soul, a bit over a year ago. It originated as a blog to share my photographs and adventures but it evolved into something much more amazing--a place to share my heart for the Lord and what He has been teaching me and putting on my heart. I've been blessed to see it grow the way it has. I'm currently a college student working to be int he medical profession someday, so most of the time i'm the most boring person on earth stuck studying all day. I am a child of God saved by His grace. I am sarcastic, sweet, crazy, with a lot of weird thrown in on the side. I have been dating my best friend, a studly stud named Matt, for over two and half years now, and we hope to get married someday and make an adorable family together. You could say we're pretty serious ;) On my blog, you'll read a lot about faith grace, and date nights with some recipes in the mix. Feel free to stop by and say hello, I love to meet new friends!

1. My sense of humor: One of my favorite things in the world is to make people laugh. I'd like to say I'm pretty funny. I am totally weird (okay, I'm the weirdest person I know) and just like to be silly and goofy, so I think people get a kick out of it!

2. My eyes: I've always loved my eyes, because they're so big and blue. I got teased by this one kid in middle school for how big my eyes were, but that didn't bring me down about them at all. I've got some crazy long eyelashes to accompany my eyeballs too, which don't need much dressing up. That, or I could go with the honest truth that I'm just too lazy to put more make up on!

3. My heart: I'm a very very sensitive and emotional person. I have a soft and kind heart, and all I want in life is to extend that kindness to everyone I meet. I want to touch lives and make people smile on a daily basis. I cry a lot over stupid movies and books and feel things pretty deeply. It's an emotional connection I have with everything in the world that I think was gifted to me from God, and I love to embrace it. 

Random Question: If you could relive one day from your past, which would you choose?
It would be the day that Matt asked me to be his. I just want to go back with the perspective I have now and soak it all in. To remember all the small, sweet details forever and feel the joy inside me all over again.

Thanks, Julie! Be sure to check out her adorable and authentic blog!

Ps. if you would like to be featured as a WM woman or know someone who should, email me :)