my summer reading book list.

i'm back! 
did you miss me?
(don't answer that question....)
today i'd love to share with you the books on my summer reading list. 

so i've had Sarah's Key sitting on my bookshelf for two years and haven't found the time to pick it up. horrible, i know. i've read many (i mean many) Holocaust-focused books and have high hopes for this one--i mean, they turned it into a movie, so it must be pretty good right? 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower was a book i saw on the shelves years ago, but the cover wasn't "pretty" enough for my adolescent self so i never followed through with the purchase. with the release of the movie, i definitely want to finish reading it before i watch it. 

the inspirational, Wrecked, is a book i recently discovered. it's about living the life we're afraid to live--the one where we give up ideals of the American Dream, and start living God's dream (which doesn't always include the white picket fence). i'm excited. 

Toni Morrison has always been one of my favorite writers, but surprisingly, i have not read The Bluest Eye. i already know it will become one of my favorite books and i can't wait to read it. 

and finally, to love my way through the last Jane Austen i need to read: Mansfield Park. if you know me, you know she is my favorite author in the entire world. basically i am obsessed with her. i watched the movie in high school (sadly) and have had the book for quite a number of years, but i'm making it my goal to finish it before september. 

what's on your summer reading list? 
happy monday!