let's talk about boobs.

in particular, bras.
a photo of me that has nothing to do with bras but just reminds me that i was tan a few weeks ago.

i read an article the other day that suggested bras aren't as helpful to our health as we think
a French study shows that bras are actually more likely to cause sagging, because when you don't let gravity do its thing, your breast tissue and muscles don't develop as strongly or fully in order to combat sag
aka, our breasts were not designed to be held in bras.

but i have to admit, i see some fallacies within this French guy's argument. while many women in the experiment noted better posture, less back ache, and a cooler body temperature, i wonder just how big these women's chests are. because let's be real: women who have large breasts may find it more uncomfortable to let the weight be free. 

do you remember when you got your first bra? i think i was in 5th or 6th grade when my mother picked me up my first little trainer (not that i've really outgrown it though, ha). i remember i was so excited at first to finally have a bra, because it felt like a rite of passage into womanhood. 

flash-forward a few months after and i had changed my mind. i started asking myself things like, why do i have to feel ashamed if my nipples show? what do bras really do? are they a modesty thing? or are we being more immodest by drawing attention to our chests? are they a sex appeal thing, just a ploy for men to admire boobs, cleavage? 

bras are confusing. the darn things are uncomfortable and hot. sometimes the straps itch or dig or pinch or leave red marks. sometimes it's hard to breathe. sometimes underwires are our worst enemy. sometimes it just seems so much easier to go without a bra. 

but i never do. and i've started asking myself....why? because maybe it seems a bit uncouth to me; i feel more insecure about my breasts when i'm not wearing a bra. i'm a pretty modest person, which is probably why i worry about these things--but then, i wonder if it's really immodest to not wear a bra? i'm afraid things will show, people will notice, everyone will realize just how tiny i am. things that honestly don't matter, nor will really change anything in my life. just things i have constructed in my mind based off a society that tells us cleavage and push-ups are hot and nipples are not. 

living in florida also really affects my ideas about bras. every single day, i wear padded, push-up, daisy fuentes underwire bras (not because i need them, but again, because i used to feel more confident/womanly in them....i'm a 34A ladies. yeah.) they're not cotton. they're that silky nylon material, because it's comfier than straps that dig and bands that itch. 

but it's hot in the south. i mean, really hot. and wearing these bras is not fun at all. they contribute to my complaints more when i'm outside, to do more laundry and take more showers and basically stay away from the floridian summer. 

i've also struggled with back pain and sometimes have breathing issues, which i'm sure my bras aren't helping to combat. 

so i've decided to change some things. 
first, i'd like to start wearing bras less often. if the material of my shirts is thick enough or lays properly, i'll feel comfortable enough to go without. 
and if i do have to or need to wear a bra, i will wear bandeaus. these are less annoying and constrictive than bras. 
if i'm in a professional setting, i will wear cotton bras from now on, and steer clear of super padded, underwire, nylon ones. 
and i will stop be ashamed of my breasts: their size and shape, my nipples, how they look without a bra, etc.

i feel that God gave us these feminine bodies, and we have no reason to be ashamed of any part of them. if we are rooted in modesty, we should not feel a reason to hide or feel uncomfortable about how our bodies look naturally in clothing without bras. personally, i believe wearing one or not wearing one doesn't make me immodest, and i should make the choice that benefits me most in health, both physically and mentally. 

i know a lot of larger-chested women may have more difficulties saying goodbye to their bras or changing their bra habits.
thankfully, i can get away with this because of my small size. 
the past two weeks, i've only worn a bra three times. and each of those times was only for a couple hours. 

yeah, i know. i'm still trying to figure out how i got away with that. maybe it will be harder once i start my job on saturday; we'll see. 

so let's talk!
what are YOUR thoughts on the topic? would you try going bra-less? do you think it's uncouth or weird? do you like wearing bras, and why or why not? do you think they're a modesty thing or a sex appeal thing? or both?

happy tuesday friends :)