insta-recap: our first weekend of the summer.

this weekend was full of sweet moments
and i must admit i'm happy to be reunited with E's instagram.
only two weeks until my own iphone :)

 on our way to date night, complete with milkshakes and drinks with friends.
 visiting my grandparents in port charlotte (they're moving down here!)
 some of the best peach ice cream i've had in a long time.
 sleeping in this sunday. we needed to catch up.
 grabbing bagels at einstein's. blueberry mmm.
 glasses on, hair up. i love weekends.
 our menagerie of pillow covers. now we need inserts!

this weekend was our first together and it was wonderful. 
friday night, we grabbed a date night tradition at red robin--splitting a milkshake. we also invited friends and enjoyed drinks with them. 
on saturday, we made our way to port charlotte to visit my grandparents. it was so nice seeing them, considering it's been five months since christmas now (wow, 2013 slow down!). we had a great meal at an italian restaurant, went swimming and spent hours getting caught up. 
on sunday, we decided to sleep in and skip church--but we had our own little church at home, complete with a platter of turkey bacon, bagels and some daily devotionals :) 

this summer is already presenting its own challenges, but E and i are ready to tackle them. i start my job next weekend, so this week is full of writing, relaxing and packing up the apartment. we move next wednesday, can you believe it? i know i can't. 

tonight, we're heading to ikea to finally purchase some furniture, including a couch--yeah i know. how did this kid go an entire year without one? beats me. but i am beyond excited to finally have one, and start decorating our little home next week! it's going to be quite the adventure :)

these past few days have given me the opportunity to really reflect on the previous year, and i feel good. there were struggles no doubt, but ultimately, i feel older (in a good way), wiser and more clear-headed this year. transferring to flagler was tough yet rewarding. finding my place in college has been difficult, finding friends even harder. but through it all, i've learned so much about myself and feel confident about what's to come after graduation in a few months.

as you know, i've decided to embrace the dreams God has placed on my heart--in particular, writing. graduate school once seemed impossible to me, but i see it in my near future. i know now that i'd like to one day get my mfa in creative writing and teach at a college. i know now that i'd like to spend the next few years giving my heart and soul to an organization i feel passionate about by telling the stories of those they're helping. i know now that the road won't always be easy, but the journey will always be worth it. 

so summer, please commence. i am excited to see what you will bring to my life!