inspiration lately.

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it's another tuesday, much to everyone's despair. 
can i just admit for the 13452 time how much i love tuesdays?
my theory is, you have to love them or they'll just suck all around. tuesdays are really the worst placement in the world, but you just ignore that and pretend. 
ever since i started pretending tuesdays were great, great things have happened to me (and continue to) on tuesdays. thus, they have a special place in my heart :)

four things on my mind this tuesday:
1. this adorable faux stag head from white faux taxidermy. what a dream. if it wasn't 75 bucks, it would be in my cart and on its way to me as we speak. anyone wanna buy me a super early birthday present? ;)

2. this recipe for soft-baked chocolate chip cookies. i have been craving homemade cookies for so long and still haven't gotten them. how pathetic is that? and no, out of a tub doesn't count--i mean the kind your grandmother makes from scratch. what have you been baking recently, friends?

3. i've been contemplating getting business cards for awhile now but haven't worked out what i'd want them to say yet. so this project is on hold. although i don't have a full-time job, it would be nice to have something to hand people when i meet them instead of scrawling my email on a piece of napkin, right? i love the vintage design of these. what do you think?

4. oh, where do i even begin. adoption has been on my mind so much lately and i can't seem to shake it; the story of rinah and the gallo family has been on my heart for ages now. they are such an inspiration to me. i've wanted to adopt for a long time but as i get older, the calling gets stronger. ideally, my heart is set on africa but i'm also considering american adoption--there are so many children even here in our own country who don't have parents or a home. i want to give someone what my own mother has given me--eventually, that is. although it's on my mind, it's still a far way's off (im talking like 9 years). what are your thoughts on adoption? do you know anyone who has adopted who has shared their story with you? what's the process like?
my goal for the end of this year is to start sponsoring a child in africa. 

what's on your mind this beautiful tuesday, dears?