apartment updates.

so we are moving into the new apartment in five days!
how exciting is that?
well i'll tell you: pretty darn exciting. 
i know i shared before what we plan to do with the space
but i wanted to give you some updates 
into my design ideas. 

so it looks like a mess doesn't it? it's not i promise. i really wanted the space to feel young and fun, with some pieces that will last us awhile--aka the couch/chair, curtains and dining set. so i'm mixing it up with colorful pillows, a printed rug and unique artwork. it's a menagerie of modern meets eclectic.

the turquoise chevron pillows and the peach hello pillow are going on the big gray couch. the green ikat pillow is going on the navy chair. and the navy pillow is going on one of the white dining chairs. it all makes sense in my mind :)

since we can't paint the walls, i decided to use a lot of mismatched pillows to bring some color and fun into the room! i can't wait to show you what it will all look like when it's done :) trust me, friends, you'll be getting plenty of updates over the next few months. 

i didn't realize it until recently, but our entire room is based off of the NYC print we're getting from ikea. it's huge and will take up an entire wall. it's awesome. the painting has a lot of blue tones in it, with this really pretty smidgling (yeah i made that word up...go with it) of peach tones. it's a beautiful print. i think it will bring everything in the room together. 

maybe i just have a thing for artwork, because this room is based off a piece of art i got last summer! it's a print of purple-pink peonies in aqua-reflecting mason jars. i fell in love with it instantly and knew it had to go in our bedroom. thus, the curtains and pillows. we're using the same curtains in the bedroom because we have windowed french doors (i know, it's so sweet!) leading from our bedroom to our family/dining space, so that will be the connecting, flowing factor. 

i'm just so excited to move! we went to ikea on tuesday night to buy furniture and it just makes it so much more real. decorating and designing are my thing and i'm so glad i ge to do this! E is so sweet to give me so much autonomy over it (considering he's paying for all of it....save a few pillow covers and dish-ware haha--thanks honey!)

how is everyone's friday?