time to move?!

well, it's almost that time....
time for E to look at new apartments :)
last fall we discussed moving closer to downtown tampa. 
both of us have always lived in small towns/country hills, and wanted to experience something new. 
plus, when i officially move in, there are many more job opportunities for me there. 
the area we're looking at is a historic neighborhood, a minutes walk from the center of downtown and right on the bay. it's so adorable, with all of the bungalows and sidewalks and palm trees. get this--i've never lived in a place with sidewalks! how crazy is that?

E meets with the apartment people tomorrow to take a tour. we have 3 choices, so cross your fingers for us that one of them works out! it's a matter of space and move-in dates...but we should know within the next week or two if it's official.

i can't wait to finally get a couch too! can you believe we still don't have one? i don't know how Eric has survived the past year without it, but within the next few months, we'll finally have a place to relax together--and can invite company over :) yay for new future friends!

although we've already mapped out the design ideas, we've only committed to pillows, curtains and some furniture. i can't wait to have some fun with rugs, wall decor and little knicknacks. 
in the meantime, i'm loving this room right now. it's actually a design model for the walls by mur company. i've been swooning for days :)


how was everyone's weekend?