temporary tattoos.

i used to want a tattoo. 

a real one of the word "le" in beautiful cursive on the inside of my ankle.

it's swedish for smile. 

 but then i thought about it more and realized...it just wasn't for me. 

first of all: it's painful. i have zero pain tolerance, which is terrible but sadly true. secondly: i kept thinking about how wrinkled it would look once i'm an old lady. so i changed my mind. 

and then i discovered the new temporary tattoos. they're nothing like those little sticker things you put on as a kid--they actually look pretty real! and not as cheesy. 

here are some of my favorites, which i found on Etsy. 


the nice thing is they come off in a few weeks :) perfect if you're just looking for something fun, easy and pain-free. and much less expensive than henna. you can even have them custom made. 

so what do you think? good idea? realistic enough? 

happy tuesday :)