little life update.

this photo is from the last time i napped at the beach. 

that was back in january. 

can someone explain to me how it was warmer then than now?

it's almost april, people. april. 

currently, i'm cuddled up with a cup of tea and my favorite sweater which i seem to perpetually wear at least twice a week these days. 

anyway, in other news. my little brother is graduating high school in june and it's finally hitting me: 


i still can't even believe he


. i remember the mischievous little dude who used to run around the house, terrorizing me, making me laugh with his hilarious antics, singing with me in the car. pestering me to play leggos. i remember summer afternoons when mamma would give him a buzzcut on the patio under the sun and we'd eat hot dogs and carrots for lunch. 

where has the time gone? 


kind of

really sad about it. i think it's finally hitting me that i'm never going to live at home again. like....


live. you know what i mean right? and my brother is almost out the door as well. my mamma is 1000 miles away and i haven't seen her since christmas. it just breaks my heart sometimes. i can't wait for her to visit once her broken foot heals. 

but it makes me wonder: what do mothers do after their children grow up and move out? she's my best friend, and i'm hopeful that we will make many trips these next few years back and forth. but maybe you could keep us in your thoughts? the transition to adult life can be hard sometimes, guys. for everyone. 

on a more positive note, i've been working on some short stories and poems like crazy lately. nothing seems to give me such a sense of fulfillment, purpose and excitement than when i'm writing. i finish one story and immediately start on another. it's so amazing to see the pieces pile up in my notebook, on my computer. i hope i can continue to do this my whole life. maybe i'll share another piece on here again soon? 

for now, i'm just thankful to see this semester start to wrap-up nicely as E and i prepare for the Big Move. aka our journey to becoming (semi) city dwellers. this spring and summer is going to such an adventure. 

how is everyone's week going?