let's be adventurers.


in exactly three weeks, i'll be moving into E's apartment. and two weeks later, we'll both be moving into our new downtown dwellings. all of these new beginnings are cause for celebration, for adventures, and for time spent in thankfulness. 

this late spring and summer will be full of new experiences as we begin navigating life as a not-long-distance couple; it's like we're learning all over again. i'm anticipating lots of time just spent in each other's presence, discovering new things together in the simplest of ways. 

like creating a fort in our living room like the one above. staying up all night talking, reading, listening, watching. just simple moments where we can be ourselves--finally together. that is a blessing in itself. 
yeah, maybe we won't be traveling a lot this summer like we long to do someday. yeah, maybe we won't be taking extravagant dates or finish decorating the apartment in its entirety.....but these next few months are precious in their own way. 

the invaluable innocence of learning to just be. 
so let's do it, E. let's build a fort and spend our weekends wrapped up in laughter and love. 
i look forward to every moment of our new adventure.