insta-recap: spring has sprung.

we had our spring "blink" (aka break) this past week

and i was lucky enough to spend it with Eric!

spring is a time for new beginnings, and this week was full of them. E signed the new apartment lease and i successfully got a paid summer job, as well as an internship with a nonprofit.

sorry for the excessive amounts of

flower photos

. E bought them for me in honor of spring and i was swooning all week :)

it's crazy to think that the next time i'll see him in 4 weeks,

i'll be moving in!!

(ps. the building above is our new apartment!)




long-distance can be so weird sometimes. 

i think because of our limited contact, the time we do spend together is that much more special :)

we laugh about how many hours we spend just doing nothing,

but it just shows how much we miss and need each other. 

we have plenty of time for money-spending dates and adventures. for now, our short visits together are best spent 

as close and content as possible.

long-distance, you are so very bittersweet :)

how was your weekend, friends?