happy easter!


i think Easter is one of the happiest holidays ever. 

for the obvious things it makes us think of, like the change in seasons, 

the blooming of the flowers, the beginning of something new. 

but most importantly for the resurrection of Christ. 

how special is this day on which Jesus rose again and God's Will was fulfilled?

i'd say pretty special. it's hard to wrap my mind around. here i sit, in sin and wrongdoings, yet Christ's love washes over it all, erasing it. renewing me. 

it reminds me of the ocean, in a way; the ebb and flow of the tide, how the things you leave exposed on the edge of the sand are brushed away by tendrils of seawater, encompassed and embraced so that what's left can be reworked, refreshed. new and whole and complete. 

God's grace is so powerful, it saved us all. each and every one of us. how incredible is that? 

this is a day we proclaim His presence, His glory and love. we celebrate, and we can smile. because we are so dearly and irrevocably precious to the King, despite our inability to ever deserve even an ounce of His mercy and care.

E and i aren't able to spend this Easter together, but i hope you all are able to spend yours around family and friends, the people you love, as you celebrate the miracle of Christ's resurrection. 

and in the meantime, enjoy the adorable photos! i miss painting Easter eggs. and how can you resist this adorable bunny? oh, spring :)