daily reads.


i thought this friday i'd share some of my daily reads, 

the blogs i've enjoyed reading over the past year

or even the past few weeks!

i love this blogging world, and making friends is one of the best aspects of it :)


Kaytee Lauren

: kaytee's blog is full of beautiful photography and amazing recipes. her zest for life and food will inspire you to try new things.


Octavia & The Ocean

: octavia is a recent graduate and music connoisseur. she's also an amazing photographer and loves sharing tidbits of her life on the blog. 


Abigail Jasmine

: abigail is a woman passionate about life and God. her blog is full of inspiring words thrown in with fashion, DIY, and life's little moments.


Yelle Events

: yelle loves planning, designing and entertaining--you can find plenty of this and more on her blog, where she shares her progress into becoming an events planner. she's getting married in may, too!


Hope Engaged

: katie is an amazing woman of God with a heart for community and adventure. she and her hubby are moving to nepal soon, you can follow her travels on her blog!


Earl Grey

: jennifer is a thrifter and dreamer who believes in following her heart. her blog is full of DIY's, thrifty finds, and snippets of her life.


Precious Impressions

: catriona lives in south africa with her adorable hubby, and loves sharing inspiring images, quotes and her favorite things.


Paint Chip Madness

: i recently discovered kiki's adorable blog, where she shares memories, the little things in life and words of wisdom. 

i hope you take the time to check out these amazing bloggers :)

happy friday!