blog facelift (and a random photo).

if you haven't noticed 
(although how could you not?!)


talk about a fast turn around! 
i worked with Natalie from 2317Studio
who is amazing, let me just say.
i used one of her pre-made templates and we customized it just a smidge
and i couldn't be happier with it :)

my blog definitely needed a mini makeover. 
since i'm a college student (and therefore, am broke) it took me awhile to find any reasonable and affordable templates that i really loved. thankfully natalie's design ideas and talents are both affordable and adorable! not to mention, she is so nice (and funny hehe).

i wanted something i could grow with; something that wouldn't look outdated in a few months, but would last me awhile. i also like really simple designs, and this one was just perfect. clean lines, colors--and i think my favorite thing is actually the "Pin This Image" button. it's just so stinkin' cute!

wanna work with Natalie? she has both pre-made templates and custom options on her Etsy shop
thanks again, Natalie!

ps. the mood board image was just for kicks and giggles. because i felt bad for not having a photo...