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Do you ever feel like you don't have enough? 

Enough time, friends, clothes, enough money, enough success in life? Enough of anything? 

Staying humble can be so hard in a world where we often times see those who blatantly go against God find success in life--or have it handed to them. We think, hey, we work hard, we make sacrifices. Don't we deserve it, too?

E sent me a devotion today about this and it really struck a cord. Sometimes I get wrapped up in what everyone else has that I forget to look at the blessings right before me. 

Thankfulness in all situations can be tough to accomplish. Often I forget to step back and take a minute to thank God for everything He's provided me with in this life. 

Because following God isn't always a pretty, neat path. There are hardships and struggles. Ups and downs. When we take refuge in the King, we give up our life for Him. We let go of our own burning passion of selfishness for the selflessness of His love. 

It's not easy, that's for sure. Sometimes I look at the other path and see the success (whether it be monetary or socially or professionally) of others who chose not what God wanted, and I envy them, in a way. 

Envy them for their ease. In this crazy world where greed and power drive so much of society, serving God seems like a difficult feat. 

But our efforts are not in vain. Our destiny surpasses all; the promise God has given us reigns truer than anything we could have here on earth. It's greater than all the money and success in the world. 

That is why--though the road is long and sometimes hard, we should be glad. As Psalm 5:11 says,

"But let all who take refuge in you be glad; Let them ever sing for joy." 



sing for joy that God has given us His love, and be thankful that He continues to bless us, even in the smallest ways. Because those small things are quite often some of the most important. 

I've struggled for years to come to terms with the gift God has given me: writing. The world tells me, "you won't make a living telling stories," while God shouts above them, "you will touch lives with your words." My path will never be carefree; I will never make a lot of money, own expensive clothes, be known around the world. 

But these things no longer matter when you live for God. It's humbling, really. Knowing and loving God puts things into perspective, doesn't it? 

My goal this week is to be glad, to sing for joy that God is my Refuge, my Strength, my true Provider; be glad because He does and will continue to bless my life in ways I can't imagine. Maybe not with money and professional success, but in ways that will truly fulfill me through His purpose. We find true happiness through Christ. 

How does this verse touch you? What verse has been on your mind this week? 

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